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Crunchy Sesame Squares

I’ve always craved these crispy sesame squares! Maybe that’s because I loved their crackling crunchy texture as they disappeared into my mouth one after the other – a perfect high-protein snack. But I don’t buy them any more, as they’re loaded with sugars and stabilizers. This healthy version is easy to make Read More »


Paleo Hot Chocolate Mochaccino

If you’re a chocoholic that also loves the taste of coffee, this rich blend is guaranteed to satisfy. This instant Paleolithic recipe won’t give you caffeine jitters or spike your blood sugar. Just mix all the ingredients in a cup and add boiling water. It’s also possible to prepare it to-go in your tumbler, Read More »


Grain-free Rhubarb Coffeecake

I’ve fallen in love with rhubarb! This moist coffeecake has swirls of refreshingly tart rhubarb, and a crispy streusel topping. A nutritious gluten-free, grain-free snack or dessert, it tastes just as yummy as my mom’s traditional recipe – except it’s Paleo, grain-free and gluten-free of course. Read More »


Paleo Beet Brownies

These dense, fudgy indulgences touch my deepest primordial desires. A great use for leftover beets, they’re also a perfect way to hide healthy veggies in a snack that seems decadent, but isn’t. I made them for a Paleo gathering and they were demolished in minutes. Read More »