Testimonials from Doctors

Wonderful New Dessert Cookbook
By Duncan Soule, M.D December 11, 2012

As a doctor advising patients, the question of desserts has always been tricky because of the typical high sugar and calorie content in foods with low nutritional value but strong appeal. I’ve seen numerous dessert cookbooks for gluten-free, raw and natural diets, but there’s nothing out there like this book. Jane has joined together the two most desirable factors in desserts: the rich flavor of real food with low-carbs. I’m a holistic doctor and see first-hand the negative effects of refined sugars on the body. Most people, even those on the Paleo Diet, are reluctant to give up their favorite sweets. One of the major breakthroughs in this book is the zero-calorie natural chicory root sweetener. Chicory root is high in fructo-oligosaccharides, which have a sweet taste, but contain no glucose or fructose, and are not assimilated in the body as sugars. This natural sweetener tastes great, and is without carbs and sugars that cause weight gain. As far as I know, this is the first natural low-carb dessert book ever written. Thank you Jane for this wonderful book for all of us that love sweets and want to stay healthy! I highly recommend the Awesome Fudge Brownies.

November 16, 2012 By Dr. Robert B. Kellum

This is a useful book–one that we’ll share with our patients in our clinic, and one that my wife and I will use ourselves. I have seen Paleo cook books that belabor simple-minded recipes that shouldn’t be committed to paper (as in eat steak and greens). Jane’s “PALEO DESSERTS” is a refreshing step into delicious, TESTED recipes that keep Paleo INTERESTING. We often will recommend Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint cookbooks to our patients–they’re full of beautiful pictures and nourishing delicious recipes. Mark’s books are a little light on desserts however, making Jane’s extensive contribution here a wonderful companion volume.

The pictures are inspiring, and the recipes are both straightforward and CONSCIOUS, i.e., this is not just a “carbohydrate-light” book…it consciously integrates recipes to give the reader MANY OPTIONS–SOY FREE, PEANUT FREE, EGG FREE, DAIRY FREE, SUGAR FREE, ETC…EVEN SOME RAW DESSERTS!. To name just a few here….We loved the Mexican Wedding cookies, and we loved the Raspberry Rose Delight Mousse. I also happen to love strawberry shortcake, and to be able to return to yesteryear with Jane’s non-gluten version of this is probably worth the price of the book alone–which, by the way, is also a good deal…. Highly recommended.

Define Paleo Desserts? A new concept in sweets!
December 4, 2012 By Lori Soule ND, Lac.

I thought I knew about Paleo Desserts. Until I got my copy of this book. These recipes broke all my preconceptions about how to define a Paleo Dessert. I was very surprised when I saw the ingredients – unusual things that aren’t in the big stores yet. But they’re very easy to find online. Smart shoppers and health-oriented manufacturers discovered them years ago – like chicory root sweetener and raw yacon syrup.

It’s funny to even think about Paleolithic Desserts, because ancient cultures had no concept of dessert. And bravo for them, because we all know that sweets add calories and empty carbs to an already overloaded meal. In modern Western society we think we need a treat after each meal – and amazingly Jane’s book helps us do it. But these recipes do it strictly Paleo, without any modern high carb sweeteners at all. Jane points out with so much integrity that our Paleo ancestors ate real food. They lived primarily on vegetables, tart fruits, nuts, and wild meats. They weren’t hooked on sugars like most of the world population today.

These recipes don’t use the so-called natural sweeteners and high-carb flours we find on the shelves in food stores. Our Paleo ancestors didn’t have refined sweeteners like maple syrup and coconut nectar that are both boiled down and reduced to the sweet syrups we buy, with an astronomical sugar content. Honey is a true Paleo sweetener, but it’s also very high in carbs, and will cause a big spike in blood sugar. The way I see it, honey couldn’t have been consumed regularly by our Paleolithic ancestors, or they would have suffered an epidemic of diabetes and obesity like we’re seeing now in modern times. I tried the Honey Cake recipe – it’s easy and delicious, but surprisingly there’s not a bit of honey in it. What a concept!

As a naturopath and acupuncturist, I’m excited to recommend this book to my patients. It’s a breakthrough in healthy desserts that are also practical and easy to make. For example, the vegan flan with dulce de leche sauce is quicker than any flan recipe I’ve ever made, and even more delicious. I’m a Paleo purist and don’t like to see this simple lifestyle ruined with addictive modern high-carb ingredients. I enjoy being on the cutting edge of a new paradigm in healthy sweets. Buying a few ingredients online is fine with me, especially when I’m confident my diet is low in carbs and truly in alignment with our Paleolithic heritage.

Desserts for joyous health
November 15, 2012 By Patricia A. Schiewe

I’m a health practitioner with decades of experience treating almost every disease known to man, from cancer to diabetes, obesity, metabolic disorder, hyper-tension, celiac disease, MS, and just plain stress. My observation is that most every one of my clients could benefit from a diet that is free of gluten and sugars. To feel wonderful after eating chocolate cake with filling and delicious frosting an indulgence which made with wheat flour and sugar left me feeling sluggish and with Jane’s recipe I feel light and energetic.

Jane has invented recipes that re-create traditional favorite desserts in a truly low carb form, so they taste even better than the original. She uses simple Paleolithic ingredients, like coconut, chicory root, tart fruits and vegetables. After years of waiting I’m so excited to finally have a recipe book I can recommend to my clients. People deserve to have their favorite sweets. This book allows everyone to enjoy Yellow Birthday Cake, Fudgy Brownies, and Pumpkin Pie, all made with natural zero carb chicory root sweetener, which doesn’t raise the blood sugar one bit. This is truly a breakthrough book! Now I’ve got to go make those Chocolate Haystack Cookies. Thank you, Jane

Healthy Desserts that Don’t Cause Weight Gain
December 17, 2012 By Dr. Chiaoli A Lu

Finally here is a healthy desserts cookbook I can recommend to my clients. The Paleo Apple Pie tastes simply fantastic. As a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist, I’ve been looking for a resource to help people lose weight and achieve better physical well-being by avoiding refined carbohydrates and sugars. This book succeeds where all others have failed, because the recipes use real food ingredients, low-carb coconut and zero-carb chicory root, a delicious natural sweetener. Chinese medicine indicates that sugar causes metabolic imbalance and premature ageing – even the “natural sugars” that are so popular in other Paleo recipes. I appreciate the careful study and research that has gone into these delicious recipes. Thanks for a truly useful book. Dr. C.Lu ND. LAc.

Authentic Paleo recipes and Jewish delicacies too!
December 4, 2012 By Ellen Shefi, L.Ac., LMT (Portland, OR)

Last night Jane taught us a cooking class based on the recipes in her book. We made 3 delicious desserts in a short amount of time. The desserts are easy to make and tasty. As a licensed acupuncturist I appreciate these authentic Paleo recipes with low-carb flours and sweeteners. I have many patients that are gluten free or have other diet restrictions. They truly miss the sweets in their diet. Now, I can recommend sweet desserts to my patients without detriment to their health. It is wonderful to find a healthy and easy dessert book that I can endorse with no roller-coaster effect on blood sugar or insulin. This book has a beautiful assortment of favorite desserts for many ethnic groups and taste preferences, in genuine Paleo form. I’m Jewish, and for years I’ve been looking for a healthy Rugalach recipe that is made of 100% whole food ingredients. The traditional honey cake is going to be a treat for Rosh Hashanah. I love this book!