Insights from Readers of Paleo Desserts


I learn so much from my readers – they let me know how the book works, their favorite recipes and where they need help. I think many readers have the kind of awakening that H. Hoog “Fyrechick” had. At first the cost and trouble of obtaining the ingredients was daunting, but in the end she was delighted with the results.

Mainstream ingredients are so poisonous to many of us. That is why we have experimented with our diets and looked for healthy alternatives. Paleo Desserts takes this to a whole new level.

I am committed to sharing healthy, delicious, beautiful food that anyone can eat and enjoy. If it takes extra effort, I’m ready to do it for all of us. What could be more important than keeping us healthy, happy, and well-fed?

No sugar spike or crazed response.

“I love to serve nutritious desserts like this to my grandchildren because there’s no sugar spike or crazed response in them. They just gobble it down with no negative blood sugar reaction at all. That’s a plus.”  AnnieB.

Satisfying to my body and spirit.

“These recipes support the wisdom that my body has been wanting to lead me into but did’t know where to find the information in an easy to understand format. I appreciate the ease I have found in these beautiful desserts that taste satisfying to my body and spirit. I see that Jane uses the highest quality foods available, which supports my own thinking about nutrition.”  Los Lobos

The non-standard ingredients are the most important ones. That’s what makes this Paleo desserts book special.

“I have “suffered” from a sugar craving myself for years, and I am so relieved that I can have a treat now and again and feel good about it – just as my body does. Eating healthy takes time and effort, but what else is more important than what we put in our bodies? Once I picked up all the necessary ingredients, many of which were unfamiliar to me, I was ready to go. And now my cupboard is stocked and I am the more knowledgeable for it.

The ingredients are easy. Some of them weren’t at my Whole Foods Market, so I clicked the links on Jane’s website to buy them. ( I was nearly overwhelmed by all the other original recipes there. The non-standard ingredients are the most important ones. That’s what makes this Paleo desserts book special. They’re low-carb and there’s no sugar rush! I found Just Like Sugar Table Top chicory root sweetener in my Whole Foods Market, but all they had was a 4oz container. I asked them to stock the 1# green bag, so it’s more economical.”   Desert Rose

From a health practitioner…

“I’m a health practitioner with decades of experience treating almost every disease known to man, from cancer to diabetes, obesity, metabolic disorder, hyper-tension, celiac disease, MS, and just plain stress. My observation is that most every one of my clients could benefit from a diet that is free of gluten and sugars. To feel wonderful after eating chocolate cake with filling and delicious frosting an indulgence which made with wheat flour and sugar left me feeling sluggish and with Jane’s recipe I feel light and energetic. 

Jane has invented recipes that re-create traditional favorite desserts in a truly low carb form, so they taste even better than the original. She uses simple Paleolithic ingredients, like coconut, chicory root, tart fruits and vegetables. After years of waiting I’m so excited to finally have a recipe book I can recommend to my clients. People deserve to have their favorite sweets. This book allows everyone to enjoy Yellow Birthday Cake, Fudgy Brownies, and Pumpkin Pie, all made with natural zero carb chicory root sweetener, which doesn’t raise the blood sugar one bit. This is truly a breakthrough book! Now I’ve got to go make those Chocolate Haystack Cookies. Thank you, Jane!”   Patricia A. Schiewe

This is a brilliant discovery…

“I’ve been off gluten and refined sugar for quite a while. But I miss an occasional sweet. I bought a big bag of coconut flour, assuming it would be the mainstay of Paleo Desserts. When I got my book I was amazed to see coconut flour is not used in any of these recipes. Then I learned that my coconut flour is refined, de-fatted and ground into a powder including the brown husk and hull. That explains why it is darker in color, and absorbs so much more liquid than other flours. Instead of flour, these dessert recipes use pure white coconut flakes ground in any home food processor. Coconut meat is a whole food with one third the carbs of wheat, rice or tapioca flour. I find it more delicious and more digestible than other gluten-free flours. This is a brilliant discovery, and so simple. Try it in the Whole Apple Spice Cake with Orange Maple Glaze – Deeelicious!

Jane’s book is very well written, resourceful and explanatory, I feel more inspired than ever about having the opportunity and guidance available to bake yummy, nutritious foods for myself, family and friends. Thanks Jane for all your hard work. ”   Heartsun

Sometimes things that are special take a bit of effort at first.

“Yes, it does take a bit of effort to locate the ingredients in these recipes. Sometimes things that are special take a bit of effort at first. You could call it a learning curve. The Mexican wedding cookies are to die for! I have a friend who watches every little thing he eats….. so of course he gave up sugar long ago. I saw him standing by those cookies one whole evening raving every time he ate one. I like to enjoy what I eat with no guilt about what damage I am doing to my body. This book goes a long way toward that goal.”   Donna

The key word for this book is “follow”.

“The absolute beauty of the book is in the author’s complete dedication to making each ingredient and recipe easy to follow. The key word for this book is “follow”. Follow the author’s directions implicitly on ingredients and processes. You will LOVE the SWEET results of flavor and healthy feeling and no sugar rush! My belief is these recipes are a breakthrough in pastries for health. And her new “secret” on low-carb, natural flour and sweetener sugar will be just a “sweet delicious” surprise for you. There isn’t anything like this book in the healthy food world, and I have been eating “clean” food since 1972. However, I could never eat SWEETS, as the sugar made me sick to my stomach, so I gave it up. Jane’s delicious recipes and healthy ingredients have changed my life. I GET TO EAT SWEETS again!. And, if you follow her book recipes exactly, you will LOVE THE RESULTS. The ingredients are easy to find in the Resources in the back of the book – and even easier to order with quick links on her website,”   Kathleen

I’m a diabetic and was delighted there was no rise in blood sugar.

“I got my book and bought Just Like Sugar Table Top natural chicory root sweetener at my local market. The Mexican Wedding Cookies were delicious! I’m a diabetic and was delighted there was no rise in blood sugar. I tried the Awesome Fudge Brownies and they blew me away, moist and luscious. The photos inside are gorgeous. I am DELIGHTED to have this book !!! I now have a selection of healthy, low-carb, sugar and gluten free desserts that I can make. Best healthy dessert book EVER. Love it! ”  Johanna Moore

I tell you what, those ingredients and this book are a mainstay in my kitchen now

“I was excited to receive this book but while looking through just to pick a recipe to start with I was overwhelmed by the amount of semi-unusual ingredients I have to track down. I still haven’t finished collecting them and I will be hitting my 3rd store today. I am truly hoping the recipes are out of this world because just the chocolate chip cookie recipe has 12 ingredients !!

EDIT- I initially left 3 stars and the above review because it cost $40+ in unusual ingredients just to get started but boy I tell you what, those ingredients and this book are a mainstay in my kitchen now. Great cooking tips and awesome recipes!”

H. Hoog “Fyrechick”