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Hi and welcome to Paleo Desserts.

I’m Jane, gluten-free Paleo chef, health practitioner, and author of Paleo Desserts. For years I struggled with cravings, health issues, and weight problems. I discovered a way to make sweets without gluten, grains, dairy, or high-carb sugars. It’s a formula for healthy desserts that are low in the carbs that cause weight gain, and taste so delicious you can hardly tell the difference. I broke the sugar habit, resolved my health problems, and wrote a book to share these amazing discoveries.

This website is a resource to help you eliminate sugar cravings, to transition to a healthy diet without deprivation. You’ll find the Paleo Desserts book, health tips, free recipes, and a community of like-minded folks on every diet imaginable. My book Paleo Desserts, 125 Delicious Everyday Favorites, Gluten & Grain-free, has ALL your favorite recipes, like Brownies, Apple Pie, Cheesecake, Chocolate Mousse, and Lemon Bars. A huge passion for sweets has kept me going – sort of like a mad scientist, creating healthy recipes so you don’t have to.

I should warn you, there are some new ingredients and methods in these pages. Hey, they’re Paleo, so we get to think outside the box. Are you ready to discover a whole new world of healthy sweets?

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