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The Secret to Skinny Sweets!

Everyone asks me: “How can I lose weight and still enjoy eating sweets?” The answer is easy. Eat low-carb Paleo Desserts! I discovered the secret to making delicious traditional desserts with low carb, healthy ingredients. It is simply to eliminate gluten, grains, refined Read More »


Is Sugar Toxic? CBS 60 Minutes

Dr. Robert Lustig, a pediatric endocrinologist at the U of C in San Francisco, believes that sugar in the American diet, much of it hidden in processed foods, is killing us. CBS 60 Minutes recently aired new scientific research Read More »


300 Sweeteners – Which is Best?

With over 300 sweeteners in groceries and prepared foods, how can we choose wisely? Find the best sweeteners, and learn how to select them yourself. This is an exhaustive list of 325 sweeteners available today. I find it very interesting and you may too. Read More »


“The Skinny on Obesity” Great Video Series

Sugar causes obesity. Sugar causes diabetes. It’s that simple. Sugar is a toxin that’s fueling the global obesity epidemic, says Dr. Robert Lustig, USCF endocrinologist. This amazing new video series shows clear scientific evidence Read More »


Top 10 Gluten Cross-Reactors

Do you find your digestion is stressed even when you avoid gluten? Are there times when you feel emotional ups and downs that could be related to diet? Many foods cross-react to gluten, meaning they create reactions by themselves or make your response to gluten even worse. Read More »