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Food Cravings? Here’s how to heal them.

What foods do you crave most? Sweet, spicy, salty, sour, or bitter? Food cravings are a revealing window into your health and psyche. Learn 5 secrets from Chinese medicine to break the so-called “genetic cycle” Read More »


Avoiding GMO’s? Here’s How

It seems genetically modified food is everywhere. But it is quite easy to avoid.
The best defense is to buy food that’s labeled 100% organic. In the US and Canada, 100% organic foods cannot be GMO. Read More »


Insights from Readers of Paleo Desserts

I learn so much from my readers – they let me know how the book works, their favorite recipes and where they need help. I think many readers have the kind of awakening that H. Hoog “Fyrechick” had. At first the cost Read More »


Paleo To Go!

The key to changing to a Paleo Diet is to focus on the foods your body loves! Plan ahead so you don’t get caught without options. Lunches for work, grab-n-go breakfasts, quick dinners – know what your possible hang-ups are, and prepare for them ahead of time. Here are some of my favorites. Read More »


Awakening to the New You!

If you’re highly motivated to improve your health, upgrade your diet and leave behind the mainstream American diet that is taking its toll on your body, I’m here to help you in every way – with encouragement, essential information, recipes, ingredients and more.

You want to Read More »