7 Reasons Why You Need Paleo Desserts


The greatest resource you can provide for yourself and your family is health and happiness. Mood is so important, and it depends on what kind of “fuel” we put it our body. With healthy Paleo Desserts you can relax and be sure everyone can enjoy them, without worrying about special diets or emotional edges. The Paleo Desserts cookbook shows you step-by-step how to prepare delicious guilt-free sweets that are real, healthy food. These are the favorite recipes we love, like Brownies and Apple Pie, all made without refined foods and sugars that often increase everyone’s stress. Paleo Desserts is a new concept in sweets. And that’s a resource everyone needs! Check it out: Paleo Desserts – 125 Delicious Everyday Favorites, Gluten and Grain-Free.

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7 Reasons Paleo Desserts is a Great Resource For Your Family:

  1.  Make Healthy Treats in just a few minutes.
    The easiest and quickest sweets are Chocolate Haystack Cookies and Easy Chocolate Mousse, that take less than 15 minutes to make. Other easy recipes are Coconut Macaroons, Apple Tart, Pumpkin Bread, Pancakes and Belgian Waffles!  The Chocolate Lava Cake is a delicious finale to a dinner, and takes just a few minutes to prepare.
  2. Most Everyone can eat Paleo Desserts. No worries about food allergies or special diets.
    These Paleo Desserts are compatible to many alternative diets. You can serve them knowing that all the recipes are gluten-free, celiac-friendly, Paleo, diabetic-friendly, and free of the common allergens dairy, corn, soy and peanuts. There’s even a chart in the book that lists every recipe and to which diets it is compatible, including Vegan, Raw and Tree-nut free.
  3. Delicious traditional desserts.
    You’ll be able to choose from 125 recipes for everyday favorite sweets, designed for health and balanced energy.
  4. Well-behaved kids.
    Watch them become the even-tempered children you love, instead of all sugar-spiked and running around.
  5. Enjoy luscious sweets that are easy to digest.
    They’re low in carbs, so they don’t weigh heavy at the end of a meal.
  6. Balance the blood sugar, balance the mood.
    Everybody benefits from natural ingredients, free of refined flours, allergens and sugars that can destabilize metabolism. You’ll see easy satisfied smiles all around.
  7. Paleo Desserts are unique and delicious! Everybody asks: “What’s a Paleolithic dessert?” or “Is this a caveman cookie?” Then when they taste it, they get a flavorful surprise!

Order the book.
Preview the book.
Check out the Reviews
Buy the e-book