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Paleo Hot Chocolate Mochaccino

If you’re a chocoholic that also loves the taste of coffee, this rich blend is guaranteed to satisfy. This instant Paleolithic recipe won’t give you caffeine jitters or spike your blood sugar. Just mix all the ingredients in a cup and add boiling water. It’s also possible to prepare it to-go in your tumbler, Read More »


Blackberry Superfood Frappe

Blackberries are a refreshing treat loaded with gorgeous color and anti-oxidant compounds. Protein powder gives this treat the holding power of a full meal. It was such a pretty color that I enhanced it with beet. Beets are a unique source of betaine, an anti-inflammatory food to improve circulation Read More »


Paleo Caffe Latte

If you secretly desire a Starbuck’s double latte with whipped cream, be deprived no more. Quick to make and 100% free of caffeine, dairy, and soy, this Paleo caffè latte tastes just as delicious. Brew it just like coffee, add whipped coconut milk, and enjoy! Roasted chicory root has a rich, satisfying flavor while being high in antioxidants Read More »