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Luscious Desserts that Are Nutritious Too? Yes!

Most desserts – like much of mainstream food – are empty calories that harm us and add nothing to our nutrition, energy, and health. In fact, every bite is dangerous. That’s why I’ve been challenged to make every bite of Paleo Desserts so nutritious Read More »


The Problem with Dairy

Between 30 and 50 million Americans are lactose intolerant. Some people who avoid dairy are allergic to the dairy proteins themselves and must avoid all dairy products, including milk, cheese, butter, cream cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream, ice cream, whey and casein. Read More »


Choosing Your Fats

Many people today still believe that a high fat diet will make them fat. They turn to pasta, rice, and potatoes. They don’t notice that the more carbs they consume, the hungrier they seem to be. New research shows that it is actually carbs and sugars, that makes us gain weight Read More »