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How Much Fruit to Eat Per Day?

We used to consider all fresh fruits healthy. But high-sugar fruits can be toxic to the liver. Fructose has been getting a bad rap lately. Dr. Mercola calls it a “poison”, Dr. Robert Lustig says it’s a “liver toxin”, and Dr.Oz. calls it a “hidden sugar”. Read More »


Pros and Cons of Paleo

Our modern, complex, processed diet has been implicated in our major illnesses, including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. The lives of our primal ancestors, whose diet was free of junk food, sugar, chemicals, and carbs, looks more and more appealing. Read More »


Why is Paleo Trending Now?

Why Is Paleo Trending Now? It works! People love it. Top food writers like Mark Bittman & Michael  Pollan are telling us that it’s time to cook again. I’m in that camp too. We believe that the period of packaged food is over. And that’s what’s empowered me to create recipes Read More »


Suddenly, Special Diets Abound

The BIG picture:  Food allergies are at a high. Autism is on the increase. Diabetes has become an international health crisis. Celiac is increasing. We are reaching critical mass on the effects of the industrial food system. Our bees are dying off. Habitats are disappearing. Read More »


Paleo: A Lifestyle, Not a Diet

Paleo adherents often say that their approach is not a diet but a lifestyle. The Paleo diet bypasses the dangers of modern, industrial foods for the healthy, sustaining ways of our primal ancestors. The pioneers of Paleo tried it experimentally and found Read More »


Organic vs. Medical Bills – Take your Choice

When Ria Chhabra, a middle school student near Dallas, heard her parents arguing about the value of organic foods, she was inspired to create a science project to try to resolve the debate. Reported in the New York Times, Ria’s exploration Read More »