How many Calories are in your Dessert Recipes?

I don’t count calories. I focus on eating real food.

But many people do like to count. If you wish to compute the nutrition facts, here’s a site that will do it. You can just cut and paste the recipe in. A few of my ingredients are new and aren’t in their nutrition database yet – so you’ll need to put in something comparable. For the Just Like Sugar, I put in Organic Zero sweetener, or a zero calorie sweetener that is similar in weight. Have fun!

Calories are an approximate measure of energy invented 100 years ago. And they’re not exact, since the true energy content varies by how the products was grown, soil content, preparation method, age of the food, etc. More importantly, calories have nothing to do with nutritional content. My solution is to eat only high nutritionally dense foods. So I can skip empty foods and calorie counting.
For me the danger area is carbs. I found out that it is carbs and sugars that set up the metabolism for weight gain. That’s why I eat Paleo with very few carbs and zero sugars. Especially at dinnertime, any carbs that I eat go straight to my waistline. I move my body during the day to get my metabolism cracking. I listen to my body. Then I eat a very light dinner with no carbs, and skip all counting. I find that my weight the next morning is level. Hooray! That’s my way, but everyone has a different metabolism. I hope the nutrition calculator works for you.

BTW, shredded coconut is low in carbs, only 27%. Almond flour is only 31% carbs. Compare that to most other flours which are 71% – 90% carbs, and you’ll see why people gain weight eating conventional sweets.