Why don’t you use coconut flour?

I never liked the taste of coconut flour. It tastes dry and fibrous to me. Many people are unaware that the coconut flour we buy in the grocery stores is not a whole food, and it’s not Paleo. Commercial coconut flour is refined & de-fatted with chemicals and heat to sell the oil. The resulting mash is then pulverized including the hull and husk, and dried. The mixture with hull and husk make the flour darker in color, high-carb (71%), and very high fiber, but low in flavor and nutrition. Instead of calling it “coconut flour”, we should call it “coconut husk flour”.

In many Asian countries where coconut is a tradition, this by-product is fed to the pigs. I use it for flouring baking pans – it’s fantastic!

Instead of coconut flour, my Paleo Dessert recipes use pure white shredded coconut, ground in a food processor. It’s extremely low in carbs (27%), plus it makes the most delicious cakes and cookies!