Why is chicory root sweetener so expensive?

Yes, Just Like Sugar Table Top sweetener is expensive. It costs a lot more than cane sugar and corn sugar, which are subsidized to the tune of billions. We like to compare prices, but often forget that sugar and corn syrup prices are artificially low. Even many lower-carb sweeteners such as Truvia, Erythritol and Xylitol are made from cheap gmo corn.

It costs more to make chicory inulin. But then how can you measure the cost of disease? Or the cost of childhood obesity?

My recipes have been tested with Just Like Sugar Table top, however you may substitute your favorite sweetener in any of my recipes, at your own risk. With Just Like Sugar Table Top natural chicory root you get a huge low-carb benefit. That’s why I use it! For the best prices, I suggest you buy from VitaCost.com or Netrition.com.