Your recipes are too sweet for me. Can I use less sweetener?

Yes, you can use any amount of sweetener and the recipes will turn out fine.

The recipes are designed as a bridge for people accustomed to a high level of sweetness, to kick sugar dependency. However, if you’re ready to do that, you can reduce the amount of sweetener in the recipes.

It will save a lot of money too. To say that chicory root is expensive is an understatement. Believe me, I searched for other possibilities when writing the book. After studying and experimenting with hundreds of sweeteners, slowly Just Like Sugar came up as the best so far. Read about my research in this online booklet: 300 Sweeteners, Which is Best?  and my article What are the Best Paleo Sweeteners?

You can use other sweeteners in my recipes. Many people have a favorite sweetener, and they all work fine. However, if you substitute, you may miss out on the benefits of chicory root.  It is zero carb, zero sugar, no blood sugar spike or insulin response. No sucrose, no fructose. It’s a natural pre-biotic to support healthy intestinal flora, and it doesn’t cause cavities. I even visited the factory to check it out. Read about what I found here.

I think the best way to buy Just Like Sugar Table Top in the 1# green bag is from VitaCost, with free shipping on orders over a certain amount. Go to this link to all the best prices on my website here. I don’t make any money on it – I just want to make it easy.