“The Skinny on Obesity” Great Video Series

Sugar causes obesity. Sugar causes diabetes. It’s that simple. Sugar is a toxin that’s fueling the global obesity epidemic, says Dr. Robert Lustig, USCF endocrinologist. This amazing new video series shows clear scientific evidence Read More »


Top 10 Gluten Cross-Reactors

Do you find your digestion is stressed even when you avoid gluten? Are there times when you feel emotional ups and downs that could be related to diet? Many foods cross-react to gluten, meaning they create reactions by themselves or make your response to gluten even worse. Read More »


Why is healthy food expensive?

We all lament the high cost of good food. But there’s another way to look at it.

Why do we compare expensive healthy food to cheap, industrial foods? These are two completely different types of “food”, with huge nutritional differences, so we can’t Read More »


Food Cravings? Here’s how to heal them.

What foods do you crave most? Sweet, spicy, salty, sour, or bitter? Food cravings are a revealing window into your health and psyche. Learn 5 secrets from Chinese medicine to break the so-called “genetic cycle” Read More »