Paleo Biscotti

If you wake up in Milan, Venice, or Florence, biscotti are always there for breakfast. But you won’t find THESE biscotti in Italy! That’s because they’re Paleo, low-carb, gluten-free and grain-free, so you’re guaranteed to have a great day! Great to dip in your Paleo Coffee or Chai Read More »


Vegan Chocolate Cake

At a recent conference in San Francisco, many people requested a healthy chocolate cake without eggs. Well, here it is! It’s a super-luscious, ooey gooey chocolate cake, soft and creamy, like a real chocolate decadence cake. The secret ingredients are sweet potato, chia Read More »


Mint Chocolate Mousse

I’m not Irish, but I love Ireland and I especially love GREEN. Here’s an absolutely delicious, INSTANT and refreshing mint mousse that will make your taste buds AND your blood cells tingle. It’s so easy, just blend and enjoy in 5 minutes. I would NEVER use food coloring, so I had to come up Read More »


Paleo Cake Pops!

Kids love cake pops! I used to think they were arduous and silly. What’s ball of cake on a stick? But THESE cake pops are so easy a child can make them. AND they’re made with 100% Paleo ingredients – they’re gluten-free, vegan, low-carb, diabetic-friendly, healthy for kids and adults too! Read More »


Chocolate Brownie Superfood Waffles

They look like waffles, and taste like heaven. But oh how appearances can deceive! What’s masquerading as a decadently sweet chocolate waffle, is secretly a high-protein breakfast filled with superfoods. Here’s your chance Read More »


Easy Blackberry Sauce

I can’t remember what happened. I spun the blender, and somehow poured this sauce on the Chocolate Brownie Waffles. I’ve no memory after that. Just pure berries. Perhaps I just blacked out or drifted into a parallel dimension, transported further away with each bite. Read More »